Established in 1981, the school has earned an enviable reputation for the strong foundation given to its children. Here children are left to remain children. The Code of Conduct states that we will respect property and personal rights, co-operate with and support each other for a safe environment.
St. Matthew's Public School is one of the most prestigious schools in India. Founded as a Public School in New Delhi 1981, Institution run by the St. Matthew's Educational Society. . It is recognized by the Department of Education, Govt. of NCT Delhi and Affiliated with CBSE. Education is a life-long process, but it must develop from firm and broad foundations. The goal of the school is to imbibe the love of learning and inculcate in them a desire to excel at every level. The school also aims at equipping the students with the best modern and practical skills that are necessary to meet the inevitable challenges in the future.

St. Matthew's Public School is committed to developing positive inter-personal relationships between members community. Bullying and harassement at school, along with other disruptive activities, are unacceptable behaviours and strict disciplinary action will be taken accordingly.
St. Matthew's Public School is a co-educational day-cum-boarding school, with approximately 700 students on its roll, studying in the present campus.
It is beneath the effectiveness of its campus, that the students of St. Matthew's Public School find the wellsprings of their attitude and vigor, which distinguish it from other schools. Students develop their own abilities and talents, and discover potential to the fullest, which is reached in an invigorating and competitive atmosphere, created by excellent facilities and guidance provided by a highly qualified and dedicated faculty.
The social and moral values, which are ingrained within a broad and balanced curriculum, help to promote confidence, critical thinking skills, leading to the development of well-adjusted, adaptable and integrated personalities. That is, the school offers a comprehensive and holistic education.
To sum up, the mission and focus of St. Matthew's Public School is "to open doors and open minds" and prepare their students to face all the major challenges of life. Thanks to the 'child-oriented' methodology of teaching, the kids show tremendous grasp of whatever they learn and earn.